nicks IH dairy collection nicks IH dairy collection IH Bluebell This was taken from a scrap pile and I had to make a new tank bottom as well as the small pinion gear which had all of it's teeth rusted off. Made all the decals myself after a friend found me a photo copy of the original decal sheet at the IH archives. The spouts are not quite correct and am looking for a proper set. 193434902 IH Dairy Maid Cream Harvester This was another scrap pile rescue. Tank was missing 1 leg missing 1 leg broken and both small gear covers missing. Borrowed those items from a friend and used them for patterns to have new ones cast at a foundry. The friend also found me the supply tank The decals will get redone as I now have both a colour photo as well as a copy of the original decal sheet from the IH archives 193434903 Cream Harvester brochure This is the first brochure IH produced for the Dairy Maid Cream Harvester 193434904 IH McCormick Ball Bearing This was known as the McCormick Deering Ball Bearing cream separator. This model followed the Primrose 193434905 McCormick Deering Series This separator was very popular during the 1950s with built in electric motor. 193434906 IH display 3 IH separaters 193434907