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Tom Jensen
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I am doing some research on my grandfather who was a dairy professor at Michigan State University. I am specifically looking for a Swerl Detergent 4 page color brochure of a  reprint from Successful Farming on how to clean farm Separators and Milking Machines. It’s from around 1944-1946. I am also looking for a similar ad for Dreft Detergent called, “2-minute “cleaning magic."  Also a Vel Detergent as as well on the same subject. They are based on a 2-minute cleaning method for farm utensils by a guy named A.W. Rudnick of Iowa State University.I f you have these or know someone who does, I would love to get a copy or perhaps buy the originals. These were advertised at the bottom of the detergent ads, “Send away for your free brochure!”

Thank you,

Tom Jensen


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