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Hi, All!

I'm Pony! Some of you may know me from Homesteading Today (I've been there a few years or so).

A little over a year ago, my sweet husband gifted me with jewels - Ozark Jewels, actually. Ozark Jewels GOATS!  As these things are known to progress, I have now acquired another milk goat in addition to my first gal, and we hope to soon be swimming in lovely goat milk!

As goat milk has this interesting quality of coming out of the dispense already homogenized, and since the fat globules are rather small (comparatively speaking), we find that we need, want, desire a cream separator to further facilitate my new consuming passion.

I WANT BUTTER! I WANT ICE CREAM! (Have you ever had melted goat butter on  your popcorn? Oh, it will spoil you for any other topping!)

Ted graciously reminded me that he has this site set up, and just today, we came across a McCormick-Deering separator for what seems to be a reasonable price. Now, if only all the parts are there....

Which is why I'm here. To learn about cream separators, how to use and maintain them, and to visit with like-minded folk.

If you've read this far, thanks. :)


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Hi, and welcome! I missed this for quite a while; it's supposed to tell me when new replys are posted but it doesn't always happen. Anyways, thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy my sporiadic newsletters.


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