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I have a bunch of parts from separators. Is there anyone able to ID what kind of separator they might go with if I would email you some pictures? 

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Hi, when anyone doesn't have the manual, part numbers, or manufacture's name on their parts, one of the best things we can do to identify parts to these cream separators is to start off by doing internet searches: We will often type in the general name of something in this case "cream separator" or sometimes a better way "antique cream separator" and then go through the search results. There is also a nice feature that most search engines have like google, bing, yahoo, etc whereby after typing in the thing you want to search, click the button/icon for the search results to only bring up images of it. Now you can scroll through the images until you find ones that match what you have and then clicking on the image or the link which will take you to where the images are located to further see if they provided any information on them. Ebay is another place you can use to help identify your parts by doing the similar thing of typing in "cream separator" or "cream separator parts" and then scrolling through the listings.

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