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Sometime around 1975 I purchased a McCormick Deering separator at a farm sale. I used it for several years, then had to put it into storage while life went on.  I now have a Jersey giving very rich milk and want to begin using it again.  It has been kept clean and under cover, so no issues there, but I don't know what type of oil to fill it with. I have seen the suggestions of mineral oil, sewing machine oil and hydrolic fluid in internet searches.

What do you suggest?

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In my experience, any of those except the mineral oil would work just fine. The mineral oils, however, are usually too light weight - but you do what to use a light oil.

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I have a lister separator. The instructions say to use Sepoyl and to change it frequntly. Evidently it needs a very light oil to splash/mist lubricate the top bearing. I found the specs for sepoyl and showed it to a friend and expert at Shell who advised me to use a light hydraulic oil 32.
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