The Antique Cream Separator Gallery

A website devoted to antique cream separators.


This is a site devoted to antique cream separators.

Our goal is to collect pictures of cream separators, and build a library with manuals of many cream separators. If you've got one, please submit it! Do you have a picture? We'd like it. Please contact us, with the picture, the model number, brand, and what other information you'd like to have included with the picture. If you have an interesting tidbit of information, or a separator for sale, or manual, or other thing, question or comment, use the form on the Contact page to contact us.

We send out a periodic newsletter, detailing the website's updates (see below). If you'd like to sign up for the newsletter, simply sign up to the site using the "Register" option on the right.

Feel free to copy any of the photos and manuals for your own personal use only. Please do not use them for reasons of monetary gain.

Our Goal

Very little can be found on Google about cream separators, and what little there is, not much. This site has been made to remedy that problem. Here, you will find helpful articles, as well as the internet's largest gallery of antique cream separators. Thanks for viewing! Check back often.

Please send us a message to let us know how we're doing. Any comments are appreciated,

positive or negative.






Did some pruning and minor edits to the site. Many new members added. Remember that anyone can add photos to the gallery now! Feel free to contact me anytime. Unfortunately, I am incredibly busy and it is very difficult to find time to manage this website. Feel free to inquire for admin status.


Brief updates to homepage. Settings changed so members can upload photos to facilitate the industrious and expedient use of the gallery so that more photos may be added in a shorter period of time and also to faciliate the interaction of CSGIS community. Feel free to leave comments as well. 


A couple days ago, pictures of a Sharples Tubular suction-feed cream separator were added. Today, album and photo descriptions were added. Be sure to check them out, and especially view the unusual bowl (centrifuge).


Added article on powder coated cream separators. Please check it out on the articles page!


Photo of a McCormick Deering from NZ added. Added album description for McCormick Deering album.Added for sale page.


Errors in the Articles page fixed. Alpha Discs were protected until 1903, not middle 1900's, and the Montgomery separator did have a bell of sorts - but not a very effective one.


Added 5 photos of a rare Butterfly cream separator.


Line adding on Homepag, informing viewers about the CSGIS newsletter.


5 photos of an Anker-Holth cream separator added. Homepage modified slightly.


Added link to De Laval manual for model #17 on the manuals page.


4 new photos of a Primrose added, and 1 of a rare Westfalia. Also added 5 photos of a Merit separator.


4 new photos of a De Laval # 19 added.


 The photos of the Alpha Laval were moved to their own album. 3 new photos of a motor driven Montgomery Ward cream separator were added. Album descriptions were added for Butterfly, De Laval, and Alpha Laval albums.


General site maintenance, word clippings, phrasing fixes, etc.


The McCormick Deering floor model cream separator manual has been added to the website in zipped format. All of the pages are in individual PDF files, unfortunately. I have not been able to compile them yet.


Added photos to the website. They are photos of a Butterfly cream Separator, a very rare specimen.Check out the gallery to see them. Another Butterfly will be added soon.


Second article added, on assembling a Montgomery Ward separator.


Added an article in the articles section.


Fixed the members area.


New photos of an Alpha Laval.


New addition of 2 McCormick Deering cream separators in the gallery.


New addition of 10 cream separators in the gallery, including Melottes, a Golden Harvest, and three De Lavals.


Articles section added.


There is now a McCormick Deering cream separator manual available in the library.


Home page updated.


Logo added.Theme changed from green to deep red, background changed.


Site created, 2 photos added, pages created, updated, changed, deleted, changed, deleted, sauteed, etc.